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Web SportWebsite

[v 2019.34.0]

Software Overview

« Customizable website - Sports club. »
License type: DEMONSTRATION (Test for free on the online site)
Technology: (Microsoft), XML
Server: Microsoft IIS (Requires paid hosting)
The SportWebsite software, developed by EuropeSoftwares, is a website for sports clubs.
A website is an essential tool for sports clubs, offering many benefits. A website allows the club to make itself known and reach a wider audience.\nIt serves as a showcase to showcase the club's activities, events and values.
Practical information such as schedules, membership rates, and contacts can be easily accessed. The site reflects the identity of the club. It can be customized with the colors, logo, and style of the club. It builds credibility and shows that the club is active and professional.
The site allows you to share news, match results, photos and videos. Members can access important information at any time. Attract new members: People often look for sports clubs online. The Site may serve as a platform for registrations, payments, and communications.
The site can highlight the club's partners and sponsors. It can be used to promote online donation campaigns
By default, the software is provided in 15 international languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Greek, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean). But, other languages can be added manually
There are no hidden costs: new software upgrades for the same version are included. In order to keep our prices as low as possible, only support requiring expensive labor can be paid according to demand.
In addition, the pages can be customized (titles, subtitles, colors, texts, etc.) and the administration of the website does not require any computer knowledge.
EuropeSoftwares therefore invites you to make maximum use of the free tools available for unlimited use.
Please note: This software requires web hosting, purchased from a specialized hosting provider for a few euros per year. This hosting must support the versions and technologies of the application.
EuropeSoftwares always tries as much as possible to simplify the design of its products so that its mastery is quick and easy to use by as many of us as possible.


Shareware EasyFtpClient / EasyFtpMultiClient
Shareware RVBPro
Free Software RVB
Free Software EasyRSS

 Test & Try

go WWW Demo website here


Very simple and pleasant to use
Customizable without knowing a programming language
Many sections including results and calendars sections
15 international languages
Keep control over your data! (Basic XML)
Sample demo site
Attention: The administration of the site uses the cookie technology of the internet browser.

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Purchase of license(s)

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»01 license
EasyFtpClient / EasyFtpMultiClient
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Telephone support with an expert

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30 minutes of phone support with a technical expert (T2) - SportWebsite
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Payment by cheque is not allowed!
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Any information can be requested from the following e-mail address

Email T'Chat Telephone e-Support Paid according to demand!

How to use the installation on the server

1) Buy web hosting from a web host.
EuropeSoftwares is a partner of the company LWS. In case of any support request, we can help you easily.

2) Retrieve and insert FTP credentials into your file transfer client.

3) Unzip the contents of the software to a folder on your computer.

4) Transfer all the contents of your file to your web hosting.


Note: Ideally, you should always keep a perfect picture of the content of your web hosting on your computer. A mirror function on our FTP client allows the user to browse in a synchronized way between your web hosting and your computer.

5) Enter License Activation Codes
Browse the internet to: 1_TOOL_LICENCE_XML.aspx

6) Enter app settings
Browse the internet to: 2_TOOL_APPLICATION_XML.aspx

7) Enter settings by language
Browse the internet to: 3_TOOL_PARAMETRES_XXX_XML.aspx

 Your internet hosting is ready!

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