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Web SportWebsite

[v 2019.7.0]


Presentation Software

This software is a dynamic website. Several sections have been developed, eg, photos, teams, sponsors, etc ... They'll just have to customize for your personal website for your club! Works with Microsoft IIS included with WINDOWS. Many hosts offer accommodation in single shot performance (only a few dollars per month)! You can then add items to your teams dynamically by simple copy / paste from anywhere!



Very simple and pleasant to use
Customizable without knowing programming language
Many sections including sections results and schedules
15 international languages
Retain control over your data! (Basic XML)
Example of demonstration site

 EuropeSoftwares, THE MOST!

 Les plus EuropeSoftwares ! Any purchased license is acquired to life!


Purchase of license

Commercial  - Code promotion   

The procedure to follow to the end, that is, return to the site of EuropeSoftwares the Paypal link after payment on Paypal, to obtain the codes to activate the software!

Please note that our prices take into account the fact that a period of support by a person is included and the fact that updates and future versions are included in most software license purchases!

Unit Price T.T.C (€) Total price T.T.C (€) Purchase Purchase
01 licence

+ e-Support (3 months)
155.80 155.80
+ e-Support
(3 months)
+ e-Support
(3 months)
01 Pack SportWebsite + e-Support (1 year)
»01 licence
»01 licence
»01 licence
EasyFtpClient / EasyFtpMultiClient
»01 licence
»01 Automatic website submission + 12.80
205.80 205.80
+ e-Support
(3 months)
+ e-Support
(3 months)

Unit Price T.T.C (€) Total price T.T.C (€) Purchase Purchase
30 minutes of telephone assistance with a technical expert - SportWebsite
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Assistance Web Reservation of Support
55.00 55.00

Any information may be requested at the e-mail

Instruction manual for the installation on the server

1) Buy a web hosting in a Web host.

2) Retrieve and insert the FTP credentials in your file transfer client.

3) Unzip the contents of the software to a folder on your computer.

4)  Enter the license of your software with a text editor. (LICENCE/LICENCE.XML)

5) Transfer all the contents of your folder to your Web hosting. Note: the ideal is to always keep a perfect image of the contents of your Web hosting on your computer. A mirror on our FTP client allows the user to navigate in synchronization between your Web hosting and your computer.


6) From your management of your hosting panel, set write privileges throughout the remote website.

7) From your management of your hosting panel, put the protections of reading on the folders of your Web hosting.

The folder list below have necessarily protected access! Accounts for accessing these files are defined in the server configuration interface, at your shelterer.


 Your Web hosting is ready!

» EasyFtpClient / EasyFtpMultiClient FTP software for launch of website

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