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Contents of the CD-ROM

JRE JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONNEMENT (*Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris)
EuropeSoftwares Freewares
AccessMyWeb, AlarmClockEvent, Chat X 15 (Web), Clic & Capture, CVSelector, DactyloMagic (Free), DactyloMagicPlus, DactyloMagicPro, DataBook, DownloadChecker, EasyBackup, EasyDraw, EasyFtpClient, EasyIconMaker, EmailChecker5, EsBackup (Free), FastEmailer, FastFaxer, FastSmser, GuestBook (Web), LittleWebBusiness (Web), LittleWebCenter (Web), Notations (Web), PAPro, PBPro, PBePro, PDFToImagesPro, PCaPro, PDPro, Perf, PIPro, PJPro, PMaPro, PPoPro, PPPro, PSPro, PSuPro, PUPro, Presence, QuickAccess, QuickHelp, RVB (Free), RVBPro, SoundRecorder (Free), SportWebsite (Web), SpyMonitor, SpySound, SpySoundPro, Summarizer, SurfEmail, VideoConverter, WhoIsConnectedToMyPC, WebForum (Web), WebCollaborativ (Web), WebQCMBot (Web) (*Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris)
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The software of the moment: a selection of entrusted by our partners in an advertising contract, wishing to distribute their products with our own software. You can find these products in the section BONUS WITH NO SUPPORT. Support its software is provided by their publisher. These programs must be approved by our company. EuropeSoftwares reserves the right to refuse any software.

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