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Shareware AccessMyWeb

[v 2020.0.0]

Presentation Software

Small utility very convenient access to internet pages through the internet browser. The browser used by the application is the browser set to the level of the operating system by default. The user can add or remove Web pages according to his convenience. International languages.



Very simple and pleasant to use
15 international languages
Updates included and automatic

 EuropeSoftwares, THE MOST!

 Les plus EuropeSoftwares ! The license is valid for all users of the same computer! (v 2014.5.0)

 Les plus EuropeSoftwares ! The software is available for unlimited download!

 Les plus EuropeSoftwares ! Any purchased license is acquired to life!

 Les plus EuropeSoftwares ! Software developments are included!


Purchase of license

Commercial  - Code promotion   

The procedure to follow to the end, that is, return to the site of EuropeSoftwares the Paypal link after payment on Paypal, to obtain the codes to activate the software!

Unit Price (€) Total price (€) Purchase Purchase
01 licence 24.99 24.99
02 licences
(*** - 3 € ***)
21.99 43.98
05 licences
(*** - 3 € / + 01 Free ***)
18.32 109.95
10 licences
(*** - 3 € / + 03 Free ***)
16.91 219.90
25 licences
(*** - 3 € / + 09 Free ***)
16.16 549.75
Volume licensing
Rental payment (1 year) 208.25-2082.50
(25 - 600+ > 1 €)
E-mail T'Chat Phone e-Support

Any information may be requested at the e-mail

E-mail T'Chat Phone e-Support

Warning: The licenses are unlimited for businesses and not for resale to the unit! This software is governed by copyright, resale authorization (benefits) must be the work of a special partnership agreement!

Installing the software

The computer administrator rights are not required.

For a user

The application should be installed in the personal folder of the user. [DOCUMENTS, ...]

For all users

A common system for all accounts

The application should be installed in a common to all users folder. Each user who wishes to use the application must create its own launch shortcuts. The software license codes are filled only once by one of the users. [C:\EUROPESOFTWARES\, ...]

For independent facilities for each account

The application should be installed in the personal folder of each user. In order to transmit a user's license to another, should use the ESBACKUP application. We you remind that licence codes must be entered only once per computer! [DOCUMENTS, ...]

Shortcut special introductory
(Macintosh/Linux/Solaris , 32/64bits)

$ java -jar "INSTALL_PATH/src/accessmyweb.jar" "INSTALL_PATH/src/"

ex (Linux) : INSTALL_PATH = /home/.../AccessMyWeb

32 Java 32 bits > All in 32 bits
Windows32 > C:\Program Files\Java\Jre6\bin\
Windows64 > C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\Jre6\bin\

64 Java 32 bits > All in 32 bits  //  Java 64 bits > All in 64 bits
Windows64 > C:\Program Files\Java\Jre6\bin\


Download Java (Free) and software   Server Windows 1   Server Linux 1   Server Macintosh 1   Server Solaris1

EsBackup   Server Windows 1   Server Linux 1   Server Macintosh 1   Server Solaris1

» Clic & Capture

Software copies partial or complete screen!

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Support software typing

» DactyloMagicPro

Support software typing

» SoundRecorder

Sound recorder to record sounds to WAVE format.

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