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Automatic website submission (35)

0,57-0,22 € By directory or search engine
  • Price of a referencing made by an expert (TOP 10): 1000 €
  • Being referenced has become a profession with its field of expertise!
  • Be referenced with the most powerful software on the market!
  • For optimal and sustainable positioning, it is advisable to submit your website every 30 days!
  • Remember to consult the forum. Many tips and tricks are given.
Automatic submission of website to the 35 main search engines and international directories.
SEO is devvnu a professional activity in its own right. And because an excellent positioning in the search engines is essential, EuropeSoftwares has selected for you a selection of the best sites. These selected sites create links in the most important search engines in the world to make your business better known.
List of referencing:
Amidalla (DE)
Amidalla (EN)
Info Tiger
So, avoid the frustration of the tedious task of typing that takes hours!
Warning: This list is non-contractual and may undergo some changes.

The submission takes place in 4 steps

1) Generation and insertion of meta tags in the home page of your site.
2) Capture and coordination of company information from the website.
3) Validation of the steps and launch of the submission to the search engines.
4) Receive an email with the report of the submission to search engines. 
Submitting your site to these major search engines results in the creation of many indexes in secondary search engines.
 Warning and Warning
Beware of the many unreliable bid offers on the internet, which can tarnish your reputation.
You are responsible for entering and verifying the data.
You are responsible for the relevance of the submission (characteristics, choice of keywords, etc.).
EuropeSoftwares cannot be held responsible for the ranking of your site in the different search engines.
EuropeSoftwares only has an obligation to submit your data to search engines and an obligation to provide you with an engine submission report.
A maximum period of 6 weeks is required for search engine robots to visit your website.
Please note that the good positioning of a website operated by a natural referencing can not compete with sites that have directly bought keywords from the search engine to position themselves! The latter are often on the front page of research. Such a positioning is impossible to obtain naturally!

Purchase of service(s)

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Follow the procedure to the end, that is, return to the EuropeSoftwares website via the link PayPal, after payment on PayPal, to start submitting your site to search engines.

Please note that our pricing takes into account that a period of support by one person is included and the fact that updates and future versions are included in most software license purchases!

Unit price T.T.C (€) Total price T.T.C (€) Purchase Purchase
Automatic website submission (1x35) 19.99 19.99
Payment by cheque is not allowed!
Automatic website submission (12x35) 7.99 99.99
Payment by cheque is not allowed!

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